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    Chic and prestige of quality mahogany mouldings

    When choosing high-quality decorative elements for interior design, sometimes people want to create a real composition, combining products from the best materials. But there is no need to experiment, if choosing Casing mahogany. It is a perfect mix of chic design and excellent material qualities. In addition to this category, there are quite a few others on our website. The assortment is impressive and consists exclusively of high quality products with an attractive design.

    Advantages and key characteristics of mahogany

    The wood, called mahogany, is very highly valued and used for the production of furniture and decorative elements. For centuries, it has been considered a symbol of luxury and wealth, so it is very much in demand. Paying attention to the Crown mahogany mouldings, it is immediately possible to notice the prestigious design. However, this decorative element should be valued because of the following advantages of wood:

    1. Our products are made exclusively from mahogany. Imitation is out of the question. Original mouldings will last a long time and our products will not need to be restored even after 100 years of service.
    2. Low demand for conditions. Mahogany tolerates well different temperature fluctuations, especially the mahogany door jamb series does. However, other products in our range have the same advantages. Once again, let’s mention that this is a real mahogany, not an imitation.
    3. A feeling of warmth. The juicy design with deep shades of mahogany can decorate the interior in the best way. And if choosing the right model from our range, it will be easy to create a piece of art.

    The only drawback is that it is expensive. However, it is important to understand that it is better to invest once in something worthwhile than to constantly change options, trying to get the perfection.

    The moulding use in the interior

    With the help of mouldings, it is possible to decorate the interior, especially using Baseboard mahogany. The models, that are simple and laconic in appearance, will allow to reach a compromise, if desired to get a perfect decoration. The simplest kind of moulding is considered to be a ceiling moulding or a fillet. Its main functional purpose is to hide the edges of wallpaper and flaws in those areas which border the ceiling. Fillets also make it easy to zone a room and visually increase the room height.

    Recently, the mouldings gluing around the perimeter of doors and windows with dedicated spaces for pictures and other decorative elements has become popular. It looks rich and prestigious. Walls divided in half by mouldings look especially interesting. This allows to paint on one side and wallpaper on the other. Such a combination looks exquisite and does not make the interior to look overloaded.

    An abundance of different models is presented on the site of our online store. Everyone should assess the assortment and choose the most suitable option for purchase. Buyers will be pleased with the low prices, as well as the best service.