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Quality maple mouldings to create an exquisite interior

Renovation is a great way to improve the interior state. Not only wallpaper or decorative elements, but also casing maple mouldings can play a special role in it. The material is resistant to temperature changes and easy to take care of. Maple is easy to handle and perfectly glued to the base of almost any type of surface. On our website, it is possible to buy different sizes of planks, which range from thin and graceful to eye-catching, with different shapes.

The mouldings use in the interior

Thanks to mouldings, it is not difficult to emphasize the attractiveness of any interior, except for modern styles. Our company produces beautiful carved mouldings, elegant maple elements to decorate the facades of new furniture, restore the old garniture and disguise various defects. Framing inserts made of quality finishing material looks very beautiful.

The main options for the mouldings use are:

  1. Room zoning. Crown maple mouldings have a chic design, so they will highlight the living room and bedroom in an interesting way. A gentle pastel color will adorn the interior, if it is not made in hi-tech or loft style. This option does not make the design “heavy” and eliminates the necessity to install partitions and screens. The room will not be overloaded, it will remain spacious and functional at the same time.
  2. Hiding defects on the walls. Over time, the appearance of the room walls leaves much to be desired, so in most cases, even because of small scratches, scuffs, dirty areas, many people change the wallpaper or repaint everything. But any defect can be hidden when using mouldings.
  3. The intended use is as a decorative element. There is no limit to the designer’s thoughts, that is why maple decorative elements often even make up paintings. But it is worth understanding that mouldings are not only slats with beautiful patterns. They are also cornices, sanderings, volutes. With their help, it is possible to make an interior like in royal houses.

Our online store offers an impressive range of decorative wall panels at affordable prices. Thanks to the excellent choice, there is an opportunity to buy baseboard and base shoe maple at an affordable price. We assure you that the quality is the best and the design will not leave anyone indifferent.

The mouldings use features in the interior

Attractive mouldings perfectly complement any interior. They are attached to finished walls or furniture in any position that is necessary. An important nuance: the back side of the parts is absolutely flat, compared to the ceiling fillets. The arrangement of mouldings to the top, in the form of half-windows or rectangular frames will allow to visually elongate the room.

Wide decorative elements will expand the space. Mouldings go well with decorative plaster, different kinds of wallpaper, as well as painted walls. If desired, it is also possible to paint the trims themselves. It is only needed to buy them in our online store at affordable prices and complement the interior to personal taste. There are plenty of options for this, it is only necessary to browse through the impressive catalog of products.