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Walnut mouldings in the interior: the benefits of great solutions

If you want to decorate the interior and please yourself with attractive rooms after the renovation, you can clutter everything with an abundance of decor of different kinds or use an interesting combination of mouldings with paintings, panels and statuettes. In any case, the ornaments from Casing walnut will not be excessive. The assortment will please even the most demanding customers and we guarantee that the quality will exceed all expectations, either it is the mahogany moulding or the walnut one.

Benefits of using walnut mouldings

The material has many undeniable advantages and is valued above oak. Walnut has an interesting, special and unique texture, which is why it is valued by woodworkers. The wood is very dense, but lends itself to any type of processing. In addition, walnut is considered a wear resisting material that can last a long time in almost any environment.

Our product range includes several different series of products, which differ in design. Door Jambs walnut offers non-standard and very attractive models of mouldings that can accentuate the design. This finish is not usually used in loft and hi-tech styles. It is worth highlighting the advantages of walnut as the main material for the production of decorative overlays, such as:

  • it cuts well and is easy to finish;
  • it is very durable, resistant to moisture;
  • it has interesting texture with an attractive pattern;
  • its ease of gluing.

The wood is not susceptible to rot, no harmful microbes appear on it, no fungus spreads. Like mahogany, walnut is quite expensive. However, if taking into the account the abundance of advantages, the price is fully justified.

                                   Peculiarities of the mouldings usage in the interior

First and foremost, mouldings are used to hide wall defects and the consequences of poor-quality repairs. However, even in this case, it is important to choose attractive models, for example, from the Sill walnut series. Sophisticated solutions will not only allow to remove flaws, but will embellish the interior, making it stand out from the best side.

Recently, mouldings have been more actively used for zoning rooms and making accents. You can easily accentuate attractive lamps, sconces, photos and even decorate outdated furniture. Products allow to create an original, memorable design, without cluttering the interior with unnecessary and superfluous elements. Everything is very simple, just think through, draw and put the plan into action.

Well, and, of course, the best way to decorate flat and high-quality finished walls is to use the mouldings. Decorative overlays will become a real composition if you correctly combine different models. There is nothing difficult, especially considering the large range of products in our online store. Everyone will be able to choose the perfect option not only in terms of material, but also in terms of design. The main collections offer the products of different styles, shapes, profiles and patterns. A chic selection at affordable prices is just what you need to create the perfect interior!